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2015 Green Granger Summit

Mark your calendar: October 24-25, 2015! The sixth Green Granger Interest Group Summit is coming up! Join us as the Bellview Grange hosts us in the beautiful Southern Oregon community of Ashland. Passionate about farm fresh food, responsible land stewardship and … Continue reading

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Sustainable Food Conference

November 7-9, 2014 Leedy Grange Hall 835 NW Saltzman Road Portland, OR 97229 What is Sustainable Food? And why should we care? The word “sustainable” implies that you can keep on doing it…forever, or at least for the foreseeable … Continue reading

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The “Green Grange” Divide?

As we know, the “Patrons of Husbandry,” was formed as a direct outcome of the Western populist movement that sprang up during and after reconstruction following the Civil War. The changing aspects of transportation and communication facilitated the rapid movement … Continue reading

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It’s in Every One of Us

My husband and I have been planning a series of classes based on the book When Technology Fails. We understand that we are sitting on the precipice of collapse. It may not come in our lifetime but we want to … Continue reading

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