Sustainable Food Conference


November 7-9, 2014
Leedy Grange Hall
835 NW Saltzman Road
Portland, OR 97229

What is Sustainable Food? And why should we care?

The word “sustainable” implies that you can keep on doing it…forever, or at least for the foreseeable future. That lets out anything based on petrochemical resources (oil), which we know are finite. It also eliminates practices that don’t build the health of the soil and improve the environment. Of course, it implies food that sustains the health of those who eat it and also those who grow it.

With those concepts in mind, a group of enthusiastic Grangers in Oregon has organized this conference to promote the Grange as an organization for people who want to learn more about, and support, sustainable food—from ending hunger and creating resilient communities through Community Food Security programs, to finding ways to eat healthier, to supporting the small farmers in our communities who produce local sustainable food.

Friday, November 7: 5 pm Granger-only (and invited guests) potluck
7:30 pm “Plant This Movie” $5 suggested donation

Saturday, November 8 Saturday morning and afternoon will include speakers and workshops on a variety of topics, including Grange 101, Community Food Security (programs to end hunger), and more.

Saturday 12:15: There will be a catered local/seasonal lunch on Saturday. Tickets are available for the lunch, which will include delicious food prepared by an amazing local restaurant, Rock Creek Corner, for both vegetarians and carnivores.

Sunday morning will begin with a local/seasonal breakfast, followed by summit sessions designed for Grange members who want to become more active in their own Granges, in the State and National Grange, and in their communities through promoting healthy eating, food security, sustainable growing practices and more. One session will school us on Parliamentary Procedure as it applies to Grange Resolutions.

Conference schedule and registration:

Questions, please contact Virginia Bruce by email: or by phone at 503-803-1813. But please remember I’m deaf so email is best!!

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Former Master, Leedy Grange in Cedar Mill, near Portland Oregon. Publisher, Cedar Mill News ( Avid gardener and local food advocate.
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