Green Grange Summit!

After much discussion by email, the consensus has turned out to be a “Green Grange Summit.” A meeting of the like minds at a central location to discuss and share ideas and concepts. That location will be the Silverton Grange Hall on Saturday, March 24. Bring samples of your own area’s local food for the potluck lunch!

After our potluck lunch, Silverton Grange Lecturer Gus Frederick will present the latest final version of his presentation “The History and Future of the Grange in Transition.” This visual talk will provide some historic background to our organization, as well as some interesting parallels between their times and ours.

The Green Grange movement is an attempt to get back to the ideals that spurred our ancestors to action almost a 150 years ago. Join members of the Rockford, Marys River, Silverton, Macleay and other subordinate Granges from around the Northwest, in working towards a sustainable future for our local communities.

Initial Agenda

  • 10 a.m. Sign in. Social coffee Meet & Greet
  • 11 a.m. – Potluck Lunch
  • 12 noon – Presentation: “The History & Future of the Grange in Transition”
  • 1:00 – General discussions, next steps, etc.
  • 3pm – Degree work*
  • 6pm – Closing

*For those who need 4th degree and want to attend State Grange and participate on resolutions.

The Silverton Grange Hall is located at 201 Division Street, Silverton. From Main & Water downtown, head south 1.7 miles on Water Street towards Silver Falls State Park, and turn left on Division Street. There is a large green State Highway sign for the Grange Hall on the corner.

Click Here to download a flier to printout and help spread the word.

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