WaterPalooza – Tualatin River Watershed Care

April 3, 2012 at 7:00 PM.
Leedy Grange, 835 NW Saltzman Road, Portland, OR 97229

Water quality issues in the Tualatin River basin span streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, construction sites, clearing and grading areas, and areas with septic systems. The April 2012 meeting of Washington County Citizen Participation Org #1 (CPO 1) features several of the organizations managing our local surface water quality.

Lacey Townsend, District Manager, will present the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District (www.swcd.net), including some of their history. Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) exist in every county of the United States and there are 45 Oregon SWCDs. Lacey will describe their vision, the programs they have to serve rural and urban county residents, and the relationships they have with other water-quality stakeholder groups. They strive to make natural resources economically viable and environmentally healthy by equipping residents with knowledge, financial resources, and motivation.

Dean Moberg, District Conservationist for the US Dept of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, will describe their work helping create productive lands and healthy ecosystems.

Jeanna Hall, Public Involvement Coordinator, will describe Clean Water Service’s (www.cleanwaterservices.org) water resources management work including stormwater and wastewater treatment, protection of water quality through the watershed-based permitting process including low impact development (LID) options, stream enhancements and pollution prevention.

April Olbrich, Coordinator, will introduce the watershed-stewardship work of the Tualatin River Watershed Council (www.trwc.org) and the composition of the Council. She will explain the watershed issues they address, their restoration projects, and their educational and outreach efforts, and is especially interested in our feedback and input on their work.

Additionally, a representative from Portland Purple Water (www.pdxpurple.com), a local social enterprise committed to water conservation, will briefly discuss rainwater harvesting systems, water-wise landscaping, and water efficient irrigation systems.

CPO #1 Agenda For April 3, 2012
The CPO newsletters are available on the OSU Extension Service Wash. Co. website. http://extension.oregonstate.edu/washington/cpo-1-newsletters
Meeting is at Leedy Grange, 835 NW Saltzman Road, Portland, OR 97229.

7:00 PM – Welcome, Community Announcements and “It’s Your CPO” Open Mic

7:30 PM – Waterpalooza! – Water Quality in the Tualatin River Watershed

Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District
Lacey Townsend, District Manager.
US Dept of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service
Dean Moberg, District Conservationist
Clean Water Services
Jeanna Hall, Public Involvement Coordinator.
Tualatin River Watershed Council
April Olbrich, Coordinator.
Portland Purple Water
Rainwater systems.
Water Quality Discussion, Questions & Answers

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